• Services

    We offer all aspects of garden design and landscaping services. Some of what we offer is listed here.

  • Lawns

    Lawns are a key feature in any garden space, adding to the effect and setting off other surfaces and textures, especially planting. We can supply several grades of turf dependent upon you and your family’s needs. Additional topsoil’s may also be required.

  • Water Features

    Simpler than ponds, usually a small rigid sump set into the ground with a pump to circulate the water through a chosen piece. Which could be a Monolith, Boulder, Urn, Pot or any chosen piece. 

  • Ponds & Streams

    We have created a multitude of varying in size ponds, streams and feature water cascades. Using Pond Liners & Concrete Block Construction & GRP Fibre-Glass. These vary from wildlife ponds, garden ornamental fish ponds and raised formal ponds.

  • Patios

    We specialise in all aspects of paving from natural stone products to manmade concrete ones. Also Rustic Crazy paving to Minimalistic honed porcelain and polished slabs with minimal Joints. We have the many different skills and ideas to suit all applications.

  • Pathways

    These are important within any garden linking areas together. Paving, Block Paving, Resin Bound, Loose Gravels, Breedon Gravels are just a few of the options. Brick Edged, Treated Timber or even PVC any of these are used to create an edge restraint.

  • Dry Stone Walling

    These are becoming very popular and are soft and sympathetic to most schemes. Products used range from Purbeck Walling, Devon Rustic Slate & Paddlestones all creating the detail and longevity required within a well-planned garden scheme.

  • Block Paving

    A great resilient surface for modern living with all types and styles of blocks to suit all tastes and requirements. We can provide the right job for you and any size of area. We can add a little more detail into the scheme if required.

  • Artificial Grass

    Becoming more and more popular in the last 10 years or so and improved from the early examples. They now look very realistic at lengths of up to 40mm long, mixed colour blades of grass and even woven in thatch, mirroring real grass.

  • Pergolas

    Decorative timber can be very important within the garden adding screening, division or even shade in the case of a pergola. They can also add vertical interest in a well-balanced scheme and a great host for that scented climber.

  • Decking

    This is a very versatile product which comes in many forms, Softwood, Hardwood & Composite which is becoming more popular if the budget suits. Also ground level or raised, steps and handrails can be applied dependent on the situation.

  • Planting

    Combined, Spencer & I have some 40 years’ experience with plants and trees. We have both studied plants and there individual requirements and of course there full Latin names. Plant lists can be provided within a proposal, or full planting plans can be produced for a fee.

  • Fencing

    We install most types of boundary fencing being, wooden decorative panels, Closeboard, Concrete posts & Gravel boards. Also matching garden gates and locks can be integrated. All products are Tannalised pressure treated softwood unless requested otherwise.

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